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11:11 P.M. - Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006

I don't know why I did it. I think that some humans are just plain old crazy. I was looking for confessions.com and found out there is no such place, I got directed to grouphugs.us. I now wish I hadn't gone on there. I know that my poor little heart can sometimes quiver with what it encounters. I saw this one 'confession' this person claimed he/she stalked this other person for a year and then killed that person with a hammer and burned that person at work... how sick is that. And if it didn't happen like I hope it didn't why would someone even entertain such a thought? I feel so disgusted and wish to God I hadn't looked. I can't take in things or thoughts of that nature.

I know at time I can be mean but never-- can I EVER inflict grievous bodily harm to another. I feel so sick from reading this I feel compelled to go get my son and move back home.

I must end here and go force myself to sleep and I need to get over this.


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